How I saved 10 CHF by changing my mobile plan


Before I already had a very cheap mobile plan for my mobile phone. I was using MBudget Maxi One with 2GB of data per month for 29CHF/month. This is pretty cheap as Switzerland goes. However, I’m very rarely using mobile data on my phone. I’ve got Wifi at work, Wifi at home and Wifi at the gym. Some restaurants are starting to have Wifi, but this is not a lot in Switzerland.

So I decided to switch to the MBudget Mini One plan with 600MB of data per month for 19CHF/month. This will save me 10CHF/mo (120CHF/year). It’s not a big saving but it’s a correct one and a easy one. I’ll have to be a bit careful about using my phone when going out, but it should be fine. Since there are no delays, I can also switch back to Maxi One if I cannot keep below the limit, but this should be fine. This month, I’ve use less than 60MB on my phone.

So, if you pay a lot for your phone, be sure to check if there are no alternatives that could be more advantageous and try to save some money!


Save 53CHF per month by asking for a reduction of rent!

I just got confirmation from my building manager that they accepted the reduction of rent that I asked for (they answered more than two months later than my request…). My base rent goes from 1175 to 1122. This will only start at the next term of my lease, on April 1st, but this means next year, I’ll save 53 * 9 = 477 CHF.

In Switzerland, rent prices are index on a reference interest rate. When the interest goes down, you can aks for a reduction of rent. Unfortunately, this is not an automatic process, so you have to ask yourself to your house owner or building managers. On the other hand, you can be sure that if the interest rate rises, it will be an “automatic” process…

Don’t forget to check if the interest rate decreased since you signed your lease. If you haven’t asked for a reduction in many years, this could be a large reduction!

Overall, I’m still quite happy, this is more than 50 CHF per month saved next year!

Save 350CHF per year by changing car insurance

This year, I’ve checked again the car insurances for my car. Until now, I was with AXA Winterthur. When I got this offer almost 5 years ago, it was the cheapest offer. Unfortunately, it’s the not the case anymore and I didn’t think to check again before this year. I’ve now changed my car insurance to Helvetia. Before, I was paying 668.95 CHF each semester, now I’ll pay only 492.20 per semester, this is  353 CHF savings per year. Once I’ve got a better salary, I’ll also stop paying per semester in order to save 30 CHF each, but for now, it’s a bit too much to pay at once.

For now, my car has still only few kilometers (less than 40K), so I’m still keeping my complete Casco insurance. Next year, I’ll reconsider this. I may also consider increasing my deductible to reduce the fee.

This time, I used a insurance advisor (free) to check the fees for me, but it seems that even if this is much better, this is still not the cheapest possible. Next time, I’ll do the check first online to make sure I’m not getting ripped of.  This time, I cannot change insurer for a few years, but I can still change details of my insurance such as deductible and remove some parts of the insurance.

Don’t forget to check if you can save some money by changing insurances. In Switzerland, the prices of the insurances are quite unstable, and therefore it’s often a good idea to change, even if it’s a bit a pain in the ass to change the insurance.

Overall, I’m still quite happy, this is about 30 CHF per month saved next year!