December 2017 Update + 2018 perspectives


Happy new year to you all!

It is time for the last monthly update of 2017.

December 2017

December 2017 was quite good in terms of saving. The savings rate for this month is 34.67%. There was a lot of expenses with all the insurances and parking arriving at the end of the year, but I also got half of my 13th salary this month, which obviously helped.

In terms of spending, I have been able to keep it very low. I have been three weeks in the army, so I haven’t been going out a lot and haven’t needed a lot of food since I’ve been fed for free (at least one advantage to the army). I bought a few gifts and new gaming headset for my computer, nothing really fancy.

Here is an overview of my spendings:

  1. Insurances: 255.00 CHF – average
  2. Transportation: 1373.60 CHF – well above average (insurances and parking)
  3. Communications: 186.80 CHF – average
  4. Personal: 503.76 CHF – below average
  5. Food: 162.65 CHF – well below average
  6. Apartment: 1783.05 CHF – well above average (power and caution)
  7. Taxes: 705.45 CHF -average

As for my earnings, I’ve received a few gifts for Christmas (200 CHF) and the first dividend from my portfolio (50 CHF).


I’ve almost finished moving my portfolio to DEGIRO. Still one fund to sell from PostFinance, that I’ll sell when it gets back to earning.

Here is what I settled on for my portfolio:

  • 55% World Stocks – Vanguard Total World
  • 10% Swiss Medium Stocks – UBS SMIM
  • 10%  Europe Stocks – Ishares Europe
  • 10% High Divident – Vanguard High Dividend Int.
  • 5% Tech – Vanguard Information Technology
  • 5% Pacific – Vanguard FTSE Pacific
  • 3% Bitcoin – XBT ETN
  • 2% Ethereum – XBT ETN

I’m pretty satisfied of this portfolio except for the cryptocurrency part. I’ve been investing in cryptocurrencies for only one month and I already don’t like it. The volatility is way too high. Once they are back to earning, I’m going to sell both and transfer to an European bond ETF, probably from Ishares.

In total, my net worth is now 54’279.49 CHF.

2018 Perspectives

Starting from February, I’ll be finally be paid at 100% (from 85% now) since I’ve finished my Ph.D. This will make a nice increase in revenue. Moreover, this year, my company will increase very slightly the salaray, so that’s also a nice bonus as well. In August, I’ll very likely change my job, but nothing is final now, so more on that later. In any case, I’ll have a better salary from August. My current expenses should not increase in 2018, but there will be some big expenses in 2018, we’ll see how bad it turns.

As for January, it should be good, just a few gifts to buy. I expect a good saving rate, but I’m often wrong about that, so we’ll see about that.



November 2017 Update


It is time for the monthly update.

November 2017 was not bad in terms of savings, but a bit lower than I was expecting. The savings rate for the month is 14.25%. It’s not perfect, but still much better than last month. My objective is to go to 25%, but probably will need a raise to go there (I’m still gonna try without the raise).

I had a few spendings while I was in China at the beginning of the month. Moreover, I also bought plane tickets to go back to China in February. It’s a very fair price (598.50), but still puts a big dent in my savings.

Here is an overview of my spendings:

  1. Insurances: 255.75 CHF – average
  2. Transportation: 140.43 CHF – below average
  3. Communications: 163.35 CHF – average
  4. Personal: 1318.56 CHF – above average (plane tickets)
  5. Food: 297.47 CHF – below average
  6. Apartment: 1300 CHF – average
  7. Taxes: 805.45 CHF – above average (firefighter tax)

I have started to transfer my investments to DEGIRO. I still need to transfer quite some money and I still need to sell some PostFinance funds, but they are at a loss now, I’m still waiting before I sell and transfer. I still have to decrease my cash and bonds, but that will done slowly in December. I’ll post an update once my portfolio is updated and ready. Once my portfolio is more or less ready, I’ll also include my net worth in the monthly update.

December should be quite good since I’ll have half of my 13th salary. However, there will some big expenses as ever at the end of the year (already paid 245CHF today for parking at my company). Moreover, I’ll be three weeks in the army. Even, if it’s not an happy deal, I’ll still save some money on food. I’ve done some effort to reduce the recurring monthly expenses. Indeed, I’ve reduced my rent and changed my car insurance.  Moreover, Iv’e also changed my Internet provider contract, saving about 50 CHF per month starting this month!

October 2017 Update


This is the first monthly update on this blog. I’ll try to do this every month and normally earlier than this (I was in vacation).

October 2017 was not really good in terms of savings, but a bit better than I was expecting. The savings rate for the month is 8.15%. It’s not really good but I was expecting a loss, so it’s not so bad.

Even though I was in vacation in China, this is not what made my budget so bad. The only really expensive stuff was the plane tickets but they were paid earlier. I had to pay almost 600 CHF for dentist and 450 CHF for Billag. On that latter note, I really hope the “No Billag” initiative will pass next March, that would be a very nice improvement to my budget, especially since I don’t watch TV and don’t listen to the radio.

I have started to review my portfolio with better investments. I still have around 60% of my assets in cash, 11% in international stocks, 10% in domestic stocks and 17% in bonds. I plan to decrease the cash this month, especially for my retirement savings third pillar.

November should not be very good since I have to purchase new plane tickets to China, but this will hopefully be the only big expense of the month and therefore the  savings rate should be better. I plan to be very frugal this month. I also plan to reduce a few of my monthly expenses (more on that later). I will check again all the expenses on my budget and try to come up with solutions to reduce the overall spend that is still too high.