Goals for 2018

For once, I’m gonna try to set clear goals for this year! I’ve set up a nice spreadsheet for my goals for this year (credits to retirebyforty for the spreadsheets idea):

I’ve tried to not see goals that are too high but still strive for better than this year. This is my first attempt at setting yearly goals, so maybe I’ll add new goals during the year, but I’ll not remove any goal nor downsize any goal.

Financial goals

The first goals and probably most important goals are the financial goals.

  1. Save 10’000 CHF: This was already my goal last year but I failed. This a really important goal for this year but I don’t know if it will be possible since I’ll have some big expenses planned.
  2. Monthly expense < 4500 CHF: I want my average monthly expenses to be below 4500 CHF this year. Again, given some very large expenses that are planned this year, I don’t think this is possible, but I’ll strive for it anyway.
  3. Max out my 3rd pillar (3000 CHF): Since I have a 3b life insurance, I can invest only 3000 CHF in my 3rd pillar directly, but this is something really important. I don’t think this will be an issue. I already did it last year.
  4. Dividend Income 500 CHF: I’d like my dividends to give me 500 CHF this year. I think it’s pretty doable with my new portfolio, especially if I’m able to save enough money to contribute to it.
  5. Add 5% EUR Bonds to the portfolio: I plan to change a bit my portfolio in order to add 5% bonds from the euro zone. I haven’t decided on which ETF to choose, but it will probably be an ishares.

Blog Goals

I don’t have great ambition for this blog, it’s more a hobby and a motivation tool for me, but I’ll try to develop it a bit more this year:

  1. Blog 24 times: At a minimum, I would like to blog around twice a month on this blog. This will probably be easy, but I didn’t want to put this goal higher in order to avoid pressure to post mediocre content.
  2. Get the blog out of wordpress.com: Currently the blog is simply a sub domain of wordpress.com. I plan to buy a .com (or .ch) domain for the blog. I don’t yet know if I will host the blog myself or get it hosted at wordpress.com, but I’ll see to that later. I’ll also do some SEO in order to give the site some visibility, but nothing fancy either.
  3. Add DEGIRO referral link: I plan to add DEGIRO referall link to the website as a small monetization tool.


A few personal goals, somehow related to this blog:

  1. Finish scanning all documents: I started scanning all my documents to store them safely in PDF format. This will save me quite some space at home and will also help me to find these documents if necessary.
  2. Get a new job from 01.08: My current job will finish the 31.07. By the end of March, I would like to have a contract signed for the next job.


That settles it for these goals. I think having clear goals like these will help me focus my effort during the year.

If you have comments on these goals, don’t hesitate to let a comment 🙂