How I saved 10 CHF by changing my mobile plan


Before I already had a very cheap mobile plan for my mobile phone. I was using MBudget Maxi One with 2GB of data per month for 29CHF/month. This is pretty cheap as Switzerland goes. However, I’m very rarely using mobile data on my phone. I’ve got Wifi at work, Wifi at home and Wifi at the gym. Some restaurants are starting to have Wifi, but this is not a lot in Switzerland.

So I decided to switch to the MBudget Mini One plan with 600MB of data per month for 19CHF/month. This will save me 10CHF/mo (120CHF/year). It’s not a big saving but it’s a correct one and a easy one. I’ll have to be a bit careful about using my phone when going out, but it should be fine. Since there are no delays, I can also switch back to Maxi One if I cannot keep below the limit, but this should be fine. This month, I’ve use less than 60MB on my phone.

So, if you pay a lot for your phone, be sure to check if there are no alternatives that could be more advantageous and try to save some money!


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