November 2017 Update


It is time for the monthly update.

November 2017 was not bad in terms of savings, but a bit lower than I was expecting. The savings rate for the month is 14.25%. It’s not perfect, but still much better than last month. My objective is to go to 25%, but probably will need a raise to go there (I’m still gonna try without the raise).

I had a few spendings while I was in China at the beginning of the month. Moreover, I also bought plane tickets to go back to China in February. It’s a very fair price (598.50), but still puts a big dent in my savings.

Here is an overview of my spendings:

  1. Insurances: 255.75 CHF – average
  2. Transportation: 140.43 CHF – below average
  3. Communications: 163.35 CHF – average
  4. Personal: 1318.56 CHF – above average (plane tickets)
  5. Food: 297.47 CHF – below average
  6. Apartment: 1300 CHF – average
  7. Taxes: 805.45 CHF – above average (firefighter tax)

I have started to transfer my investments to DEGIRO. I still need to transfer quite some money and I still need to sell some PostFinance funds, but they are at a loss now, I’m still waiting before I sell and transfer. I still have to decrease my cash and bonds, but that will done slowly in December. I’ll post an update once my portfolio is updated and ready. Once my portfolio is more or less ready, I’ll also include my net worth in the monthly update.

December should be quite good since I’ll have half of my 13th salary. However, there will some big expenses as ever at the end of the year (already paid 245CHF today for parking at my company). Moreover, I’ll be three weeks in the army. Even, if it’s not an happy deal, I’ll still save some money on food. I’ve done some effort to reduce the recurring monthly expenses. Indeed, I’ve reduced my rent and changed my car insurance.  Moreover, Iv’e also changed my Internet provider contract, saving about 50 CHF per month starting this month!


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